The Silent Way - Highly recommended

We´ve already discussed the use of movies in class (see What are the main advantages of using films? and Films in the ELT class). Today I´d like to emphasise that segments are a wonderful tool: an audio-visual aid which together with the proper activities helps develop the four language skills–even though teachers sometimes wrongly believe the focus is only on listening comprehension.

As I show in my video  An example of an inviting way to learn, challenging students, even real beginners, to watch a segment of a film with the sound off is an intriguing and effective way to practise any language.

Sylvia Guinan, one of the most creative ELT teachers I know, has just posted yet another of her interesting articles Five ways to teach with movies online, which I strongly recommend for it includes useful tips to teach with silent movies and some advice for the teacher on the run.

Mónica Segura, the best teacher I´ve ever worked with, my friend and co-author of ELT Goes To The Movies , has written an article Have Fun with Films in the English Lesson!, which Sylvia has kindly turned into a lovely Glogster.
I really hope you read the articles and make the most of the tips by these two excellent teachers. Please let us know what you think. 
And remember: the key is to choose the right segment and the proper activities for your students and for what you want them to practise.
Even dogs get hooked on movies!
You just need to choose the right one!