Why should it be boring? Part 2

In Why should it be boring? we discussed some advantages of using games.

Let´s now see other examples to make other points.

Trying to study opposite adjectives by heart can be boring and not very promising. But, what if we prepare a simple game such as Memory Test? This will be not only fun but highly more effective: apart from extending short term memory, it will help lay the foundation for long term memory.

Ordering words written in the textbook is definitely not the same as ordering cards with words. We can manipulate them, trying different positions easily until we find the right one.

Look at what happened at a conference organized by APIZALS. I asked teachers to order sentences referring to the processes of learning according to Piaget. They know English, they teach it. I kind of cheated just to make them experiment how a student feels when facing such task. Have a look at those faces denoting extreme concentration.
            One of the teachers exclaimed: “Poor my students!"

When I asked if they gave up (some of the sentences were so long and had so many tricks that the activity was taking too long, and my point had been made), another teacher said: “No way, I have to be able to do this!”

It was her challenge. She just needed more time.

The most important goal was for teachers to realize the frustration that they can cause and thus hinder or even impede learning.

Emotion is a primary catalyst in the learning process.


stcarriescenter said...

It is amazing that the teachers found the task difficulty. I am sure that they have given similiar tasks to their students. It is good to be the student sometimes and experience life from the other side of the desk.

María Inés Brumana Espinosa said...

Yes, they did and it was the whole point. I wanted them to experience the frustration students can feel when they cannot solve a problem. In many books you can find this kind of exercise (ordering words to make a sentence)and students cannot move the words around, which would make it simpler. Teachers have to know how it feels too so they become more and more careful with what they expect students to do. = )

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